WEAR THE MESSAGEĀ (Rotterdam, 2020)

Ready to wear canvases

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In the past years, Framis’ work which focuses on different aspects of human existence within contemporary urban society resulted in numerous fashion collections with a message, introducing new ways of demonstration for women to fight for equality in silence. Framis reminds us how important it is to dress with a message. The vulnerable message that the dresses shown here express, is almost like being naked. Today more than ever we need dressed up banners to give our point of view on what is happening in the world, and to fight for our future and conditions of life on Earth. Framis invites us to action. Not only are the paintings an expression of our being, of a vital moment in our life, but they are also a way to express that art must be a way to socialize with others and be part of a discourse that concerns us.

Canvas ready to wear, made with airbag material and bic, 10 ratchets, 2 boots and 2 gloves
120 x 120 cm, each