STREET LIGHTS (Vienna, September 2019—September 2020)

Change the light of the street with your love

5 lamps interactive with the citizens







As part of the FOKUS FAVORITEN art exhibition, which focuses on the changes in the former workers’ district Favoriten, national and international artists were invited to the Favoritenstraße.

The intervention designed by Framis especially for the Viktor Adler-Markt in Vienna creates a poetic moment in which five street lamps are adapted to react to people hugging each other in their light field. The act of embracing allows the audience to change the colors of the street lights as well as their own mental architecture of the world.

With the Street Lights Project Framis wants to encourage human contact in a world where this is being replaced more and more with digital communication. The work can also be considered as a comment on the nature of human interaction in our current society. Besides encouraging people to embrace one another and show affection, Framis likes us to embrace different ways of thinking and living. She invites people to embrace not only those one knows, but also to embrace the ‘other’. With the work Framis reflects not only on technological changes in our current society but also on social and political ones, and looks for ways to transmit emotion through technology.

Architect: Monika Trimmel
Technician: Abraham Ananda Baumann (imusee® Techniek Für Kunst)
Commissioned by: Kör Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Vienna (Public Art Vienna), 2019
Photos: – Lorenz Seidler

Copyright and all rights reserved: Studio Framis
Concept copyright: Alicia Framis