LEAVE HERE YOUR FEARS (Cidade da Cultura Santiago de Compostela, September 2019 — September 2020)

Interactive sculpture at Xardín literario in Santiago (Spain)
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For the Xardín literario in Santiago (Spain), a popular place for people to meditate and reflect, Alicia Framis designed an interactive sculpture which is both an intervention piece and at the same time uses its surroundings as an integral part of the work. The pyramid shaped sculpture made out of stainless steel invites its visitors to write their fears on a piece of paper and deposit them in the sculpture – a poetic and existential gesture.

The artwork takes into account the history of Camino de Santiago as a place of pilgrimage and builds upon the idea of Santiago as a place of transit attracting travellers from all around the world who want to believe, desire, trust, give and receive. It is there, in the concept of Santiago as a place of desires, where Alicia Framis creates the final destination for these people to bring and also let go of their worries, troubles, and fears.

Curator: Paula Cabaleiro
Commissioned by: Cidade Da Cultura de Galicia
Images: Fundación Cidade da Cultura/ Manuel G. Vicente