CARTAS AL CIELO  (Central Park, 2011/2017)

Stainless Steel, Sphere 150 cm diameter

for CREATIVETIME, Central Park, New York


IMG_7936 small

To look up at the sky is a reflex action, a moment filled with hope, desire or desperation. The sky is the place that holds our secrets, our loved ones and the afterlife. In order to formalize that whole world, Alicia made a postbox from which the Earth’s citizens can send letters to the afterlife. The Cartas al Cielo postbox has the shape of eternity: a sphere, with no corners, without limits. The sphere is the shape of the universe, of our world, of the other world. The envelopes contain letters for people who have disappeared, people with no address. All these letters need a special postbox. In Spanish, cielo (sky) means the place above us, the promised place, the place for missing people, the Promised Land. These multiple meanings allow the work to be read in several ways and perform different functions. This postal service to the afterlife is a poetic work that follows the line of works such as Dreamkeeper (1997) and Wishing Wall (1998), projects that focus on our desires, dreams and the immaterial world that we humans are made of.