SCREAMING ROOM (Madrid, 2013)

Interactive installation with 3D printer, printing biodegradable plastic cups




screaming-room screming-room-2Screaming Room

Screaming Room

A. FRAMIS Habitacion del grito DETALLE 2

The Screaming Room is an installation designed for people to enter and scream. Inside the cone-shaped room there is an isolated space where a microphone is installed and visitors can record a scream by pressing a red button. Specially designed software transforms the scream into a unique 3D object using a 3D printer installed next to the room. The form of the objects depends on the type of scream: the pitch, the tone, the duration and so on.

There are times in life when things become blurry and confusion takes hold of us. We get angry and upset, which causes our circulating energy to get stuck and can degenerate into frustration or even rage. W hen the despair, hate, conflict, guilt or shame has enveloped us we must try to do something with the emotions. In those moments we just want to hit someone, hide in a closet or simply scream. When this happens our bodies are asking us to free that energy, to transform it, to make something worthy with the energy. A scream is energy that does not disappear; it is transformed by releasing the blockage.

Yet most of the time we have no shelter to liberate our emotions and a screaming room therefore makes a lot of sense.

The Screaming Room installation is designed as an experience but it also represents a circular transformation process. Part of the installation is a pile of leftover potato sacks that were used to cover the cone-shaped room. There is also a table that displays the 3D objects created by the 3D printer. The material the printer uses to manufacture the objects is Bio-Degradable Plastic (PLA) produced from potatoes.