THE IDEAL PLACE  (Den Haag, 2012)

NEST Project.

Alicia Framis

Krien Clevis

Thomas van Linge

Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis

Guest curator: Danielle van Zuijlen

The Ideal Place: is it a place for us to dream of, to think about and long for, or do we really put words into action to make it a real place? The exhibition with the same title that took place in 1994 (HCAK The Hague Centre for Contemporary art) showed a mainly philosophical view on the topic, whereas the four artists shedding their light on it today differ greatly in approach. This leads to utopia below the face of the earth, in the air and even outer space – sometimes with an aspiration to become real.

Alicia Framis:

“Sometimes the Ideal Place is impossible to transport. It is a unique place, with unique views, special smell, and a particular peace. The Ideal Place for me is where I can be myself. This is in my studio where I can have this mental experience, where the ideas come, invisible material that has to become materialize….

This process from idea to art, occurs always in a particular place, where I feel safe, surrounded by the things I like but at the same time with a special tension, and concentration.

A place to be myself is the place where I can find myself in my deep existence; the place where I want to be; the place I will always come; the place I belong to. When I enter in my studio I make the best meeting with myself.”