FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Shanghai, 2011)

Selection of 23 photos (43 x 60 cm), 10 chairs.

Foreignaffairs01Foreignaffairs02  Foreignaffairs03 Foreignaffairs04 Foreignaffairs05 Foreignaffairs06 Foreignaffairs07 Foreignaffairs08 Foreignaffairs09 Foreignaffairs10 Foreignaffairs11 Foreignaffairs12 Foreignaffairs13 Foreignaffairs14 Foreignaffairs15 Foreignaffairs16 Foreignaffairs17 Foreignaffairs18 Foreignaffairs19 Foreignaffairs20 Foreignaffairs21 Foreignaffairs22 Foreignaffairs23 Foreignaffairs24 In this installation, Framis explores the desires of a young Chinese girl living in Shanghai who dreams of living in a foreign country. To achieve her aspiration she looks for a man with a foreign passport. The work mainly focuses on the placebo of freedom, which in this case is deeply connected with seduction as well as the unavoidable feeling of loneliness. Apart from this, Framis also questions the amoral situations in post-communist countries.