396 x 396 x 379 cm



The Billboardhouse is an open-sided cube made out of three billboards. Inside it is divided into hard and soft areas, a layout that departs from the traditional separation of the house into kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

In the use and arrangement of the house we have maintained traditional domestic classifications throughout the centuries. But these are no longer appropriate for today’s lifestyle.

Billboardhouse was inspired by a working period in Tokyo, where houses are so small that the domestic functions have been stripped from private quarters and are transferred outside the home. Eating, washing clothes, receiving friends, watching television and using the bathroom are done in the city. The house itself has been reduced to a place to relax and to store personal belongings.

Just as it’s efficient rearrangement of the inside space, Billboardhouse also makes new use of it’s outsides. Completely made from billboards, it’s walls provide all-around advertising space and financially provide for the building. This way, whilst previously unused space of billboards gets used in the dense urban landscape, the house provides everyone who’s in need of a free home.

Billboardhouse not only addresses the poor, but everyone who lives a modern life in which we have finally freed ourselves from the house as an oppressive and limiting structure, transforming the whole city into appropriated domestic space.

BillboardThailandhouse was specially designed for Thailand, so it is set high above the ground for the rainy seasons. The house is part of a group of houses that are being made progressively for The Land, an experimental cultural, social and agricultural project in Thailand organized by Rirkrit Tiravanija.

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