8 DE JUNIO LIBRAN LAS MODELOS (Circulo de Bellas Artes,2006)




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8 de junio, las modelos libran is a work that was created in response to Enrique Loewe’s invitation to participate in the ‘Take me with you’ exhibition, which was part of the celebration of Loewe’s 160th anniversary. Twenty well- known artists were asked to analyse the relationship between people and their handbags.

Framis decided to stage a performance, a fashion show to demonstrate the elegance of Loewe’s handbags presented by a dozen naked male models.

On this occasion the artist’s intention was to protect women from the exploitation of their images in the fashion world; she contracted only men. Female models could take the day off and be free, at last, for one day.

It is no secret that part of Alicia’s work is strikingly feminist: she defends women through her work whenever she feels it is necessary, and in the world of fashion women are exploited much more than men.

It is very important to note that this performance was censored and cancelled just minutes after the international press presentation. Loewe’s advisors decided that this kind of art proposal was inappropriate for the company and for the jet-set audience.