ONE NIGHT TENT (Amsterdam, 2002)


ESP Program, Madrid, 2002: architecture for one fuck.



1 — Find the person who you want to have sex with.

2 — Put the man’s shirt on the floor and close the buttons and zippers, turning it into a perfect square.

3 — Close the buttons and zippers of the woman’s dress and create a dome.

4 — Attach the square floor to the dome with the zipper and buttons.

5 — Take the two sticks from the man’s bag and insert them through the loops in the dome. Secure them on the metal pins at the corners of the square.

6 — Open the entrance zipper and enter the tent. Close the zipper and have sex. In tropical countries you can use the mosquito net.

We wish you a lot of fun with your one night tent. If unfortunately a problem does occur, please contact your distributor.