MINIBAR (Berlin, 2001)

Wood, plastic, performance


minibaroustide4 minibarinside4 minibarinside3


Minibar is a performance piece presented at the Berlin Biennale in 2001. It is an elegant structure accessible to women only, architecturally divided into three modules, with one man taking care of the visitor’s comfort. The lower level is the fantasy room, for the voyeur. On the middle level women can enjoy the services of the so-called comforter. The comforter is there to provide a state of comfort, not only in a primarily physical sense, but in a psychological as well as social. He provides some basic needs like conversation, relaxation, sharing ideas, laughing. On the upper terrace women are accomplices in an intimacy that is discreetly guarded. The friendly relationship between women normally takes place in small groups, consisting of no more than three people. Here the comforter serves an aphrodisiac cocktail, especially developed for the Minibar.