400 x 240 x 400 cm, rotating platform with bloodbank and sushi bar, 7 nurses, 1 doctor and 1 waitress






This Remix Building is meant to show that the act of giving blood could be part of a daily decision, like the one about where to go to have dinner. Nowadays giving blood is generally connected with a suspicious feeling of illness or with the risk of infection. This makes us forget about the nature of the precious act of giving life to some anonymous person.

Bloodsushibank is conceived as a cylindrical box, totally closed in itself. When the benches are moved backwards to open the cylinder, the central platform turns out to be rotating in a steady rhythm, clockwise. The smooth movement of a sushi bar is at the same time the smooth movement of a blood bank. Both the aesthetics and the asepticism of functions as different as donating blood and eating sushi seem to have something in common.