CINEMA SOLO (Grenoble, 1996)

36 documentary photos (single copy)

Programme: living for 1 month with a mannequin in a ghetto in Villeneuve, Grenoble, France; strategy against fear.

Collection Musée Château de Rochechouart, France

CinemaSolo CinemaSolo1 CinemaSolo2 CinemaSolo3 CinemaSolo4 CinemaSolo5 CinemaSolo6 CinemaSolo7 CinemaSolo8 CinemaSolo9 CinemaSolo10 CinemaSolo11 CinemaSolo12 CinemaSolo13 CinemaSolo14 CinemaSolo15 CinemaSolo16 CinemaSolo17 CinemaSolo18 CinemaSolo19 CinemaSolo20 CinemaSolo21 CinemaSolo22 CinemaSolo23 CinemaSolo24 CinemaSolo25 CinemaSolo26 CinemaSolo27 CinemaSolo28   ‘Thirty-six photos from my life with Pierre, a male mannequin I rent for one month. I lived alone in Villeneuve, a suburb of the French city of Grenoble for three months as an artist in residence, and I was afraid of the surroundings’ Alicia Framis explains. ‘Police didn’t enter our neighborhood. I saw things I couldn’t explain and junkies used my door as a toilet. I decided to live with a mannequin. We stayed at home most of the time and I made photos of myself to capture memories of a unique moment in my life.’